4X4 Suspension Upgrade For Rough Terrain

Four Wheel Drive Suspension Modifications and Upgrades

While the standard suspension on your Toyota Landcruiser or Hilux will be suitable for normal road conditions, once you start to use the vehicle off road and on gravel roads, the need to upgrade the suspension becomes more obvious.

When you start to equip a vehicle for camping and overlanding, the payload soon adds up, and quickly outstrips the capacity of factory fitted suspension.

How Do Your Suspension Parts Compare With Old Man Emu?

We are the sole importers of Outback Armour parts and accessories. This is developed and manufactured in Australia, and is particularly suited to the local road conditions in Southern Africa. 

Why do I Need Off Road Suspension For My Landcruiser?

For stability, road holding and carrying capacity.

What is The Problem With The Original Equipment?

4x4 suspension parts

OE shock absorbers are too small.
The oil boils on bad roads due to not enough oil capacity and weak spring configuration for our harsh conditions.

Do You Fit The Suspension Kit For Me Or Do I Fit It Myself? 

It's best a specialised workshop fits them as you need a press to fit caster correction bushes as the vehicle is lifted.

This brings the king pin angles back to standard. 

How Long Does It Take To Fit? 

+_ 6 hours

Does It Come With a Warranty? 

Yes. Please see the web page for details. Outbackarmour.com.au Go to the bottom and click on warranty

Does The Above Also Apply To a Hilux ?


We service, repair and maintain Toyota safari vehicles of several local safari operators, and they all use the Outback Armour upgrades. Needless to say, they are very satisfied with the quality and performance.

As they are continuously driving guests around the country who are invariably on a tight schedule, they cannot afford to suffer any breakdowns, particularly in remote areas where recovery and assistance will mostly be many hours away.

Reliability is the keyword in these situations.

Our extensive experience with these hard working vehicles is invaluable to safari operators and private individuals alike.

When preparing your vehicle for off road or overland trips, be sure to ask us about available upgrades to Land Cruisers and improvements for Toyota Hilux models.

 We carry an extensive stock of suspension parts for most of these models.

You won't want to stop with just upgrading your suspension though, we also carry extensive stocks of other upgrades, like uprated brake kits, snorkels, exhaust systems, turbo modifications, bearing kits, gearbox modifications and axle upgrades.

Most of these parts are also imported from Australia by ourselves, and as we are the main importer for southern Africa, we also offer the full warranty from the manufacturer.