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Safari Snorkel For Toyota Hilux

safari snorkel toyota hilux

We have a special offer on a Safari Snorkel for your Hilux 3.0 D4D.

This is a premium product imported from Australia, manufactured by Safari Snorkel.

The benefits of this are;

Cooler intake manifold temperatures thus helping with power, fuel consumption, and engine longevity.

The total cost of this modification is only N$3890.00 including fitment and VAT

Contact us today to make a date to get yours!

Toyota Land Cruiser For Sale Windhoek Namibia

landcruiser bakkie for sale
land cruiser v8 for sale windhoek namibia
Many Extras Included

We currently have for sale, a pristine example of a V8 4.5 Litre Diesel Twin Turbo Single Cab Landcruiser bakkie – Pick-up.

This vehicle has only covered 80,000 kilometres, and is very reasonably priced at N$885,000.00

Extras Included in The Sale of This V8 Toyota Land Cruiser Bakkie

Toyota Bakkies For Sale In Namibia

If you are looking to buy a used Toyota Land Cruiser in Windhoek, Namibia, then you should consider this vehicle.
It has been serviced and maintained to the very highest level.

Contact us today regarding this very special Landcruiser for sale on 061 306 679

landcruiser bakkie for sale
One Careful Owner
landruiser with many extras for sale
Very Low Kilometres

Exhaust Modifications For Toyota Land Cruiser And Hilux

Many motor manufacturers leave much to be desired when it comes to exhaust systems.

There is generally plenty of scope for improvement to horsepower, torque and fuel consumption improvements.

Toyota is no exception to this rule, and we can offer you several differnt improvements for your Landcruiser or Hilux vehicles.

V8 Land Cruiser 5th Gear Upgrade

upgraded gear set landcruiser

Engine Revs Too High in Top Gear?

A common complaint that we hear from customers who have purchased the Toyota Land Cruiser V8 4.5 litre Turbodiesel model, is that the top gear is a bit on the low side.

We would most definitely agree with this sentiment!

upgraded gear set landcruiser
These are really tough!

Lower Your 5th Gear Ratio

Never fear, help is at hand – right here.

We fit a new modified fifth gear set, manufactured from 62 strength Rockwell hardened steel, that lowers your ratio from 0.881:1 down to 0.736:1
This will result in cutting your engine revs by 400 rpm at 120 kmh

It Also Improves Your Fuel Economy by Roughly 20%

We carry stock of all the necessary parts to upgrade your top gear ratio in your V8 Land Cruiser to obtain a more satisfying ride.

These parts are made in Japan for Terrain Tamer in Australia , have been tested thoroughly and have been found to stand up to all that can be thrown at them.

Include A Few More Improvements

We very often fit this modification at the same time as we’re fitting a heavy-duty clutch to the same Landcruiser.

This way, you can save considerably on labour costs, as we already have the clutch and gearbox dismantled for the gearbox upgrade to be carried out.

I guarantee that anybody you ask who has had this 5th gear modification done will give it two thumbs up.

If you couple this with fitting the improved Armax safari snorkel, a software remap and the 76mm exhaust modification, you’re going to be well on the way to winning your local grinning championship this year!

Servicing Your Toyota Cruiser and Hilux

Follow a Regular Service Plan For Your Land Cruiser and Hilux Vehicles.

We are Based in Windhoek Namibia, Toyota Service is our Speciality

The service intervals should be observed as laid out in the owners manual. Particular note should be taken regarding the oil change recommendations, these are affected quite significantly if you are operating the vehicle in dusty conditions, if the engine is under load for extended periods, and while towing.

If you drive under these conditions regularly, it is recommended to change the engine oil and oil filter in diesel models at 5000 km intervals.

Not only the oil and filters need to be changed, during a service, many other items will be checked, such as gearbox, transfer case and differential oil levels. lubrication is carried out where necessary all around and under the vehicle, in accordance with manufacturers recommendations.

Make Sure You Use The Correct Grade of Engine Oil

It is extremely important to take note and only use the correct lubrication for your engine.

We can advise you on which oil would be best for your particular application.

If you have the car from new, then a complete service record will enhance the resale value of the vehicle, as evidence that you have followed a regular servicing plan.

Regular Servicing Will Enhance Your Vehicles' Value

Our expertise in servicing Toyota vehicles is unsurpassed, and could save you the expense of repairs in the future, due to any wear and tear being  spotted and rectified before becoming a major problem.

We carry a wide range of service items and 4x4 accessories for Landcruiser and Hilux models, many of our parts are imported directly to Windhoek from Australia, where road conditions in many areas are comparable to those in Namibia.

Don't hesitate to contact us for your next service for your Toyota vehicle.

We service both petrol and diesel models, no matter what the age of the vehicle.

Toyota Hilux Upgrades and Off Road Modifications

modified toyota hilux

We are the industry leaders in Windhoek, Namibia when it comes to all Toyota upgrades and improvements.

We can basically do more or less the same for your Toyota Hilux as we can do for the Landcruisers.

Some Toyota Hilux Improvements we can provide;

We carry Hilux 4x4 accessories and Land Cruiser accessories, as well as all service parts for both Landcruiser and Hilux.

We are the sole importers of many outstanding brands of world class 4x4 accessories and equipment, mostly from Australia.

modified toyota hilux


Heavy Duty Clutch Upgrade for Toyota Landcruiser

land cruiser heavy duty clutch

We highly recommend the heavy duty clutch upgrade for your Toyota Land Cruiser, especially if you have any of the performance enhancing modifications or upgrades, e.g. Aramax Safari snorkel upgrade, 5th gear conversion (for the V8 4.5 Turbo diesel model), software upgrades or performance chips.

The heavy duty clutch assembly is manufactured to the highest standards in Japan by Australian company  Terrain Tamer.
We are the sole importers of Terrain Tamer products into southern Africa.

Some of the advantages of this HD Clutch upgrade are;

  • Up to a 25% increase of the clamp load, significantly increasing the torque capacity of the clutch.

  • Strengthened damper springs

  • Uses top of the line premium friction material

  • The casing is designed to be anti-burst

  • The cover assembly is anodized

Be sure to contact us to discuss any of these upgrades or indeed, any other performance modifications you may be considering for your Toyota Land Cruiser or Hilux.
Don't forget we also carry out routine servicing for all your Toyota safari vehicles.

We also currently have a V8 Landcruiser for sale in Windhoek with many accessories including this clutch upgrade, exhaust and suspension modifications.


land cruiser heavy duty clutch

4X4 Suspension Upgrade For Land Cruiser and Hilux

land cruiser off road suspension

Four Wheel Drive Suspension Modifications and Upgrades

While the standard suspension on your Toyota Landcruiser or Hilux will be suitable for normal road conditions, once you start to use the vehicle off road and on gravel roads, the need to upgrade the suspension becomes more obvious.

When you start to equip a vehicle for camping and overlanding, the payload soon adds up, and quickly outstrips the capacity of factory fitted suspension.

How Do Your Suspension Parts Compare With Old Man Emu?

We are the sole importers of Outback Armour parts and accessories. This is developed and manufactured in Australia, and is particularly suited to the local road conditions in Southern Africa. 

Why do I Need Off Road Suspension For My Landcruiser?

For stability, road holding and carrying capacity.

What is The Problem With The Original Equipment?

4x4 suspension parts

OE shock absorbers are too small.
The oil boils on bad roads due to not enough oil capacity and weak spring configuration for our harsh conditions.

Do You Fit The Suspension Kit For Me Or Do I Fit It Myself? 

It's best a specialised workshop fits them as you need a press to fit caster correction bushes as the vehicle is lifted.

This brings the king pin angles back to standard. 

How Long Does It Take To Fit? 

+_ 6 hours

Does It Come With a Warranty? 

Yes, the warranty is comprehensive as detailed below;

Warranty Terms and Conditions

Outback Armour warrants its products to be free from faults or defects in workmanship and materials for the warranty term, from the date of retail sale, where used for the specified intended purpose and application, subject to the following conditions, to the original purchaser only, with proof of purchase, in Australia.

Outback Armour's obligation under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the defective product at Outback Armour's option and to the extent permitted by law does not extend to cover claims for any other loss, damage or injury whether as a consequence of or arising from any defect or breakage of the product, or otherwise.

Shock absorbers, struts & steering dampers
  • 3 years, unlimited kilometres
  • (excludes strut mount bushes: 1 year)
Coil, leaf & torsion bar springs
  • 3 years, unlimited kilometres
U-bolts, shackles & pins
  • 3 years, unlimited kilometres
Other suspension components
  • 3 years, unlimited kilometres

Recovery straps

(snatch, winch, tree protector, equaliser & tow)

  • 3 years
Bow shackles, snatch blocks & recovery hitches
  • 3 years
Recovery bags & other accessories
  • 3 years

This warranty specifically excludes liability for:

  • normal wear and tear and product finish.
  • any labour, shipping/freight, removal, installation or other incidental costs.
  • suspension products used in: off-road motor sport, military, armoured vehicles or applications for which the product was not originally designed.
  • damage occurring on vehicles loaded in excess of manufacturers GVM specifications.
  • damage caused by alteration, incorrect installation or fitment, lack of or improper maintenance, unsafe or incorrect use, accident or collision, abuse or neglect.

Enquiries & Claims

Warranty claims should be made directly with the authorised dealer where the products were purchased from or directly with Outback Armour under approved circumstances. Product may be required to be returned to Outback Armour for warranty inspection.

All warranty claim submissions must be submitted with proof of purchase for the products and a completed Warranty Claim Submission form.

Does The Above Also Apply To a Hilux ?


We service, repair and maintain Toyota safari vehicles of several local safari operators, and they all use the Outback Armour upgrades. Needless to say, they are very satisfied with the quality and performance.

As they are continuously driving guests around the country who are invariably on a tight schedule, they cannot afford to suffer any breakdowns, particularly in remote areas where recovery and assistance will mostly be many hours away.

Reliability is the keyword in these situations.

Our extensive experience with these hard working vehicles is invaluable to safari operators and private individuals alike.

When preparing your vehicle for off road or overland trips, be sure to ask us about available upgrades to Land Cruisers and improvements for Toyota Hilux models.

 We carry an extensive stock of suspension parts for most of these models.

You won't want to stop with just upgrading your suspension though, we also carry extensive stocks of other upgrades, like uprated brake kits, snorkels, exhaust systems, turbo modifications, bearing kits, gearbox modifications and axle upgrades.

Most of these parts are also imported from Australia by ourselves, and as we are the main importer for southern Africa, we also offer the full warranty from the manufacturer.