Heavy Duty Clutch Upgrade for Toyota Landcruiser

We highly recommend the heavy duty clutch upgrade for your Toyota Land Cruiser, especially if you have any of the performance enhancing modifications or upgrades, e.g. Aramax Safari snorkel upgrade, 5th gear conversion (for the V8 4.5 Turbo diesel model), software upgrades or performance chips.

The heavy duty clutch assembly is manufactured to the highest standards in Japan by Australian company  Terrain Tamer.
We are the sole importers of Terrain Tamer products into southern Africa.

Some of the advantages of this HD Clutch upgrade are;

  • Up to a 25% increase of the clamp load, significantly increasing the torque capacity of the clutch.
  • Strengthened damper springs
  • Uses top of the line premium friction material
  • The casing is designed to be anti-burst
  • The cover assembly is anodized

Be sure to contact us to discuss any of these upgrades or indeed, any other performance modifications you may be considering for your Toyota Land Cruiser or Hilux.
Don't forget we also carry out routine servicing for all your Toyota safari vehicles.

We also currently have a V8 Landcruiser for sale in Windhoek with many accessories including this clutch upgrade, exhaust and suspension modifications.


land cruiser heavy duty clutch