Servicing Your Toyota Cruiser and Hilux

Follow a Regular Service Plan For Your Land Cruiser and Hilux Vehicles.

We are Based in Windhoek Namibia, Toyota Service is our Speciality

The service intervals should be observed as laid out in the owners manual. Particular note should be taken regarding the oil change recommendations, these are affected quite significantly if you are operating the vehicle in dusty conditions, if the engine is under load for extended periods, and while towing.

If you drive under these conditions regularly, it is recommended to change the engine oil and oil filter in diesel models at 5000 km intervals.

Not only the oil and filters need to be changed, during a service, many other items will be checked, such as gearbox, transfer case and differential oil levels. lubrication is carried out where necessary all around and under the vehicle, in accordance with manufacturers recommendations.

Make Sure You Use The Correct Grade of Engine Oil

It is extremely important to take note and only use the correct lubrication for your engine.

We can advise you on which oil would be best for your particular application.

If you have the car from new, then a complete service record will enhance the resale value of the vehicle, as evidence that you have followed a regular servicing plan.

Regular Servicing Will Enhance Your Vehicles’ Value

Our expertise in servicing Toyota vehicles is unsurpassed, and could save you the expense of repairs in the future, due to any wear and tear being  spotted and rectified before becoming a major problem.

We carry a wide range of service items and 4×4 accessories for Landcruiser and Hilux models, many of our parts are imported directly to Windhoek from Australia, where road conditions in many areas are comparable to those in Namibia.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for your next service for your Toyota vehicle.

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