V8 Land Cruiser 5th Gear Upgrade

Engine Revs Too High in Top Gear?

A common complaint that we hear from customers who have purchased the Toyota Land Cruiser V8 4.5 litre Turbodiesel model, is that the top gear is a bit on the low side.

We would most definitely agree with this sentiment!

upgraded gear set landcruiser
These are really tough!

Lower Your 5th Gear Ratio

Never fear, help is at hand – right here.

We fit a new modified fifth gear set, manufactured from 62 strength Rockwell hardened steel, that lowers your ratio from 0.881:1 down to 0.736:1
This will result in cutting your engine revs by 400 rpm at 120 kmh

It Also Improves Your Fuel Economy by Roughly 20%

We carry stock of all the necessary parts to upgrade your top gear ratio in your V8 Land Cruiser to obtain a more satisfying ride.

These parts are made in Japan for Terrain Tamer in Australia , have been tested thoroughly and have been found to stand up to all that can be thrown at them.

Include A Few More Improvements

We very often fit this modification at the same time as we’re fitting a heavy-duty clutch to the same Landcruiser.

This way, you can save considerably on labour costs, as we already have the clutch and gearbox dismantled for the gearbox upgrade to be carried out.

I guarantee that anybody you ask who has had this 5th gear modification done will give it two thumbs up.

If you couple this with fitting the improved Armax safari snorkel, a software remap and the 76mm exhaust modification, you’re going to be well on the way to winning your local grinning championship this year!